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Your Specialist German-English-Only Translation Service

Personal Service, Professionalism and Timely Delivery Since 1999

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We promise to respond quickly with a free quote and delivery times.

Personal Touch

You will recieve a personal service from Susanne Twigg and a good translation. Benefit from over 20 years of experience of thousands of successful translations.


German & English Only

Peace of mind.  Professional translation service 100% specialized in the English – German combination.

Native-Speaking Professionals

Your translation will be renderred by a native-speaking professional with many years of experience.

Do it Right!

You can put your faith in a company that has been successfully delivering translations between German and English since 1999.

Translating for the Klocke Publishing House Since 2004


We’re delighted to have been translating for the Klocke Verlag (Publishing House) in Bielefeld, Germany since 2004. During this period, we have translated thousands of texts into English or German for publication in the company’s quality magazines.

About the magazines:

HIDEAWAYS is established as one of the world’s most exclusive travel magazines. HIGH LIFE is the ultimate magazine for the male connoisseur, and the restaurant magazine A LA CARTE provides careful researched recommendations for the most beautiful restaurants and hotels every month. YACHTING & STYLE is the first premium magazine to focus on maritime lifestyle aboard the world’s most spectacular yachts.

Embrace the Specialists!


So why should you consider our translation service over all the others?

Truth be told, there are several strong reasons. For one you can look forward to getting a truly personal service from me, Susanne Twigg, the owner. For another you’ll be choosing a small friendly company that has been successfully delivering excellently translated documents into German and English for over 20 years.

Another compelling reason is our team. How many translation companies can claim to have been working with some of the same dedicated translators for nearly 20 years? Well, we can! I believe that our translators should be paid fairly for their work. Everyone knows that fair pay helps to fire motivation to deliver quality work.

However, perhaps the most compelling reason is that we translate between German and English and vice-versa only. We don’t offer a thousand different languages and we don’t offer the lowest prices in town.

This means that if you choose us, you can be certain that your text will be translated by one of the best and most experienced translators in the profession.

With us you get peace of mind!

“The translations we receive from twigg’s translations save us lots of time. The completed specialist management and marketing texts can be published straightaway within the department without any need for editing. I would like to recommend twigg’s translations to anyone looking for professional English or German translation.”

Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke, Institute of Marketing and Commerce at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Our Team


Translators are professionals. Real people. Made of flesh and blood. In our modern world where text can be pasted into translation software for an instant translation into hundreds of different languages, it’s easy for some to forget that professional translation is very different indeed.

Language can be simple, complex or very nuanced. Something can be written yet the meaning another. All our professionals are specialized in translating between German and English. They have made translation their career.

We seek out the very best in the profession and because we are specialized in only one language combination, we can recognize good work when we see it. We are proud to have been working with some of our translators for nearly 20 years! Few others can claim this.

Your text will be in the best possible hands. Whether your text is general, marketing, scientific, medical or legal in nature, we will have the right experienced professional on hand to ensure your work gets done right.

We Offer

Website translations for private individuals, universities, publishing houses and businesses.

Effective accomplished work which has been rendered by qualified translation professionals.

A reliable and fast service – from requesting an estimate through to the delivery of translation.

A 24-hour turn around service for urgent smaller documents.

Video Reference

Are you looking for a professional and serious German translation agency? We can help. Contact us now and we promise a fast response with a transparent price and delivery time.

Tel UK: 0845 591 2970
E-Mail: contact@twiggs-translations.co.uk

Susanne Twigg, Owner