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The Playtime Books Audio Collection

AudioBooks for Children

Lea’s Magic Sunflower

Lea never imagined that a sunflower seed given to her by her teacher would lead to magical powers and an adventure she would lever forget

Lea’s Secret Powers

As Lea squeezes the magic sunflower petals a glowing tunnel appears, leading her to an enchanting world of pixies, tooth fairies and magical powers

The Moon Goes Pop

As Ellie looks out of her window and up at the night sky the moon looks big and bright, then POP, the moon has gone, did she really see the moon pop or was it just her imagination?

Alex’s Amazing Secret

The playground near Alex’s grandma’s house holds a secret, a secret which opens up a whole new world of imagination and adventure which lies deep underground where no other humans have ever been

Alex’s Marvellous Midnight Ship

As Alex squeezed under the giant rock in the playground he hoped that he would find some hidden treasure … 

Red Man and Green Man’s Great Escape

Red Man and Green Man have lived in the Traffic Lights all their life, they want to go out on an adventure. 

Red Man and Green Man’s Big Adventure

Red Man and Green Man decide to climb out of their traffic lights and explore the human world around them, but they could never imagine the fantastic adventure they are about to have

Grumpy Grandad meets Maurice the Mole

Grumpy Grandad needs a plan to outwit a clever mole that has been destroying his lovely garden, the only problem is, the more grumpy grandad chases him, the more Maurice the Mole digs…

Grumpy Grandad's Troublesome Tomatoes

Just when Grumpy Grandad thinks that his garden is safe, he discovers that Maurice the Mole has been eating his delicious tomatoes….!

Maurice the Mole and the Big Splash

…what Grumpy Grandad doesn’t know is that Maurice the Mole has been digging near by and chaos is about to happen!

Grumpy Grandad’s Crazy Vacation

Crazy grandma is looking forward to a relaxing holiday, but grumpy grandad’s grumbling is about to cause chaos at the airport. This holiday is one that crazy grandma will never forget.

Grumpy Grandad’s Christmas Chaos

…what will Grumpy Grandad do? Has he finally took on more than he can handle, or will his grumpiness save the day?

Tom on Robot Island

When Tom throws a stick for his dog patch he is washed away by the sea far away to an Island, but this is not just any Island, this is ROBOT ISLAND.!

I’m not a Robot ...I’m Tom

….what is the green mark on his leg? Why are his legs tingling? …..is Tom really a Robot….

Santa’s Magic Button

David is 10 years old and doesn’t believe in Santa, nobody not even his brother can convince him, but then David finds a strange button in the snow which leads to a magical adventure

Bully Redman's Big Day Out

When the traffic lights break the workmen replace the Red Man with a new one, but this red man is different…

Lulu's Best Day Ever

Lulu is sad, but then Lulu’s summer turns into the best summer ever… join Lulu in her great adventure

The Brain Swapping Machine

…Surely their BRAIN SWAPPING MACHINE won’t actually work… will it?

8 Story Bundle

Best value. Eight of our Playtime Books stories in one bundle?

Audible Reviews

Audible Reviews