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10 Remarkable Reasons Your Child Should be Listening to Audio Books

10 Remarkable Reasons Your Child Should be Listening to Audio Books

Reason 1: Audiobooks Boost Your Child’s Reading Skills

Audiobooks offer a fantastic and enjoyable way for your child to improve their reading skills!

Children love listening to a good story and one of the greatest advantages to listening is that children have the chance to hear speech patterns and rhythms that are missing in print.

Listening to a story enables children to learn about voice and expression, which helps them with their own speech development.

Reason 2: Audiobooks Give Your Child Easy Access to More Difficult Books

Reading is far more difficult and takes a lot longer to master than listening.

Audio Books enable children to enjoy listening to stories that would otherwise be far too challenging to read.

This is fantastic news because exposure to more advanced content serves in strengthening comprehension skills, especially for kids with reading difficulties.

Reason 3: Audio Books Are Fantastic for Travelling and Going on Holidays

Looking at screens or reading books can make children travel sick. Audio Books are fantastic at sparking a child’s imagination while travelling in a car.

There’s something special about looking out of a car, train or plane window and listening and enjoying a good story at the same time.

Audiobooks are also good for learning and entertainment while waiting in queues or for delayed flights. Basically, having audiobooks with you when you travel with children can make things a lot smoother.

Reason 5: Audio Books Boost Your Child’s Listening Skills

Listening skills are more important than you might think. Being good at listening will help your child learn, keep safe, make them a better friend and help them to improve their personal relationships.

Active listening is an important soft skill and helps in things like problem-solving, leadership and teamwork. Listening well is an important component of learning.

Reason 6: Listening to Stories Benefits Attention Deficit Disorders

Audio Books can help children with ADHD. It’s far easier to listen to a good story than to read. Children can focus in on the narrator’s voice and the story and are far less likely to get distracted.

Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder love books.

That’s not surprising, given their appetite for new stories, ideas, and information. But limited time, energy, and focus keeps them from reading! 

Reason 7: Audiobooks Fire the Imagination

Audiobooks offer the huge benefit in that they don’t create the imagery for children.

This means that that as your kids listen to the stories, they’re treated to the exquisite experience of actively imagining the worlds they’re hearing about, rather than having the characters and scenery presented to them like in a book or TV show.

Their brains can paint the characters and actions in ways that resonate most with them.

Reason 8: Audiobooks Help Get Children into Books

Many children just never get into reading. Not because they can’t read, but because they prefer to hear and listen stories. Many children and indeed adults have an auditory sensory preference.

If your child prefers listening to reading, then you should be encouraging them to listen to books.

Children and adults can learn just as much and just as fast by listening rather than reading, especially if this is their sensory preference.

Reason 9: You Can Listen Together

Instead of watching a film or TV, you can listen to an audio book story together with your child.

Perhaps at bedtime or when travelling. Listening together can be a good bonding experience and improve your own story-telling skills!

Sometimes, children are hesitant to ask a question, even though their mind is filled with curiosity. Listening helps children in learning the art of asking the right question. It also tells them how to strike a perfect conversation and makes them more confident.

Regular reading and listening can make them better orators too.

Reason 10: Audio Is the Future

The whole world is moving more and more toward audio.
Podcasts are booming and traditional media companies are failing.

Audio is the new way to consume content and getting familiar with audio books will give your child a huge advantage. Today there is a massive selection and variety of fiction and non-fiction books to choose from in audio.

When kids are used to hearing and enjoying stories it will be a very easy step later to listen to non-fiction books to boost their learning.

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